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Skrt Token


The will the irs come after your bitcoin soon Portal will be the first blockchain-based compliance platform for Individuals, SMEs and Businesses alike. Utilising the Sekuritance $SKRT token provides further benefits when using the platform. Holding, trading or using crypto assets carry significant risks, please carefully read our Disclaimerpage. Axion does not provide any financial, legal or tax advice, nor should this website be viewed as an offer or inducement to make any financial decisions.


Any data,text or other content on this page is provided as general market information and not as investment advice. The main ways to get involved in Sekuritance token investing are by participating in Spot trading or pledging to earn interest. Perpetual and ETF/Leveraged trading are very risky and are not recommended for non-professionals. If you decide to get involved in Sekuritance token investing, you will also need to understand the Sekuritance token project’s white paper, team background, tokenomics, and the overall market environment.

In addition, we streamline the compliance aspects of onboarding (like KYC/KYB) by enabling a slicker authentication process — and creating business rules that stop customer cases getting stuck or falling between the gaps. Sekur.Certify – Blockchain Wallet Verification service allows for a user to claim controlling power certification on a particular wallet once a number of actions would have been performed, KYC & AML checks confirmed and crypto investigation on the wallet completed. The community is bullish as more than 100% of users are feeling good about Sekuritance today. Eligibility for Bonus Allocation of $SKRT tokens from the periodical discretionary pool. We might not be very active from time to time, as we are busy with building the best product we can, but you can be sure we will always try to engage with you in our telegram chat.

In that confirmation email and ONLY in that email, there will be the deposit address where you will be required to send the USDT or USDC. Do not fall victim to any scammers telling you a fake address to send to. This deposit address is crucial to allow the Axion Max Shares community to participate in the launch without needing to hold $SWAP.

Polygon vs. Ethereum: DeFi, NFTs, Gas Fees, and More

It is important to note, that only those, who will hold their https://coinbreakingnews.info/ tokens directly in the platform’s native wallet, will be getting these rewards. Anybody holding their $SKRT tokens on exchanges, 3rd party wallets, or staking , will not be eligible for these rewards. All unsold presale tokens will automatically be burned forever, thus decreasing maximum supply. We’ve built MVP to test the idea an prove to ourselves, and our investors, that Sekret Network has potential.

The project uses smart contracts to do its work, and for the time being, the SKRT smart contract is built on the ERC-20 token protocol. The company is also proud to be soon recognized as a full member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. Currently in closed Beta, the Sekuritance platform plans to welcome new users later this month.

skrt token

Therefore, Sekuritance came up with an alternative that works as a hybrid of hardened architecture and tokenized entries in the blockchain to verify the legitimacy of the vault data. Eligibility to earn a bonus allocation of $SKRT token from the periodical discretionary pool, and bonuses of tokens that are solely launched via Sekuritance’s compliance services, based on adopter tiers. Verification for blockchain addresses stored within user profile and downloadable certificate through the Sekuritance UI. The team has completed over 25+ public sales since its inception, 40+ private sales and verified over $75M, and with added functionality and new products cropping up, there’s no doubt the organisation is bound to grow. Please check the name, logo and contract address before trading to avoid losses. A list of the top Skara markets across all crypto exchanges based on the highest 24h trading volume, with their current price.

Axion’s Max Shares stakers will receive a 20% bonus in SKRT tokens when purchasing SKRT during the IEO on TrustSwap. Everyone who took part in the IEO will have received 10% of their tokens today via airdrop. The extra 20% bonus for Axion 5555 stakers, or 30% for Axion NFT holders, will be sent with the final airdrop at the end of the vesting period.

The Sekuritance UI allows you to improve compliance and security for your organisational customer onboarding and compliance needs through query functionality, audit dashboards, reports, data historization, identity certification management, KYC/KYB. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. Market cap is measured by multiplying token price with the circulating supply of SKRT tokens . And on the other side will be fans, who will finally have a choice to support their favorite content creators, while staying anonymous by paying with $SKRT, or any other major cryptocurrency, which Sekret will support. There will also be a fiat on-ramp available, so that one can buy $SKRT right on our platform, or have any other cryptocurrency deposited from exchanges or wallets.

It is expected that bonus pots would be paid out quarterly based on your adopter level at this point in time. It is also important to note that to be eligible for the airdrop, there are additional restrictions depending on your geographical association as well as subject to the holder of the ETH wallet being a user of the Sekuritance RegTech platform and full verified (KYC + AML) on our end. The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links. As it is well known, the crypto and blockchain industries hold massive potential to solve numerous problems that the world is facing, be it financial issues, supply chain problems, data storage troubles, etc.

Create, manage, verify and control your dataflows

And as Sekret Network will grow, so will the amount of transaction and fees, which will increase the amount of passive income each and every user will generate by holding Sekret token. SKRT.Partner — 50% of the $SKRT tokens that form part of the whole discretionary bonus pot would be distributed among all users within this tier level in equal proportion. SKRT.Evangelist — 20% of the $SKRT tokens that form part of the whole discretionary bonus pot would be distributed among all users within this tier level in equal proportion. SKRT.Insider — 15% of the $SKRT tokens that form part of the whole discretionary bonus pot would be distributed among all users within this tier level in equal proportion. SKRT.Adopter — 5% of the $SKRT tokens that form part of the whole discretionary bonus pot would be distributed among all users within this tier level in equal proportion. SKRT.Believer — 10% of the $SKRT tokens that form part of the whole discretionary bonus pot would be distributed among all users within this tier level in equal proportion.


It’s been a little more than six months since the RegTech & RiskTech ecosystem Sekuritance launched its $SKRT token via TrustSwap and Gate.io. From the start, the organisation chose Ethereum as the chain to launch the token. Although as the year continued, congestion on the Ethereum blockchain sent gas fees sky high, posing a threat to individuals willing to acquire the $SKRT token on decentralised exchanges like Uniswap. Connecting wallet for read function is optional, useful if you want to call certain functions or simply use your wallet’s node.

Sekur.Alert provides transaction monitoring,datasets and analytical results risk scoring. Additionally, the “Token Onboarding” section will feature the “Sekur.Launch” interface to allow users to take part in verified and carefully selected projects that will launch using our proprietary Sekuritance technology. The tested and verified technology has already allowed Sekuritance to launch 25+ public sales, 40+ private sales and has verified well over $80M USD using our KYC/AML Sekur.Transact engine, with third party launchpads.

Sekuritance (SKRT) Community

Staking $SKRT will also be available with a very stable, yet attractive 6,9% APR. But this function, in the early stages of the network, will only be accessible to a certain few people — i.e. people and characters from the industry, who have the biggest potential to bring awareness to the project. But as the network will grow, we want to make minting NFTs accessible to a wider pool of people. This will lead to an open and free market, where people can freely monetize their content. For now, Sekret Network’s native token, $SKRT, is a BEP-20 based token, with many purposes. Aside from its primary, being the native token of our network, it will serve as a primary means of value exchange between participants on Sekret Network and its upcoming platform Sekret .

Sekret Network, being built on top of BSC network, is a BEP-20 based token. Sekur.Vault provides card data storage within a PCI DSS environment, card tokenization and/or the encryption of personalised data. Verification for ETH addresses stored with your profile and downloadable certificate through our UI. But spending, holding and using $SKRT alone isn’t the only way you’ll be rewarded for your support, as you can earn extra points in simple ways such as referring friends to our site in due course. The new update to our token’s ($SKRT) utilities have been launched as of 1st August 2021. We’ve launched 4 adopter levels for holders of $SKRT in their ETH wallet and this is what you need to know at a glance!

  • Sekur.Certify provides proof of control and ownership of the user’s wallet.
  • As it is well known, the crypto and blockchain industries hold massive potential to solve numerous problems that the world is facing, be it financial issues, supply chain problems, data storage troubles, etc.
  • It is a utility token that leverages the consensus-driven blockchain’s permanent immutable nature for the purpose of underpinning a new independent digital economy.
  • Given the organisation boasts a blockchain agnostic platform, the team’s flexibility working with different chains sprung up a new idea to battle this barrier of entry for $SKRT newbies.
  • Meanwhile, the project offers unique services that bring compliance services, fraud and transaction monitoring, and Anti-Money Laundering verification services all under one roof.

The project also enables secure card data tokenization, 3DS MPI services, forensic analysis, Card BIN lookup, 3D enrollment and more. Its results include enhancing Know Your Customer and Know Your Business profiles for users, fraud reduction, increased transaction approval and an extremely fast method of obtaining PCI level 1. A full list of benefits for $SKRT Adopter Levels can be found here, with additional benefits here. In order to retain a user’s membership level, they must hold their tokens; however, with the platform’s development these restrictions may change in the future. While originally launching on the Ethereum chain, congestion and high gas fees has led the Sekuritance team to find alternative solutions to allow users to acquire the $SKRT token on decentralized exchanges alternative to Uniswap. Polygon is a natural fit, providing a layer-2 ecosystem network to streamline opportunities for future development and community growth.

Creators will have a choice, whether they want to sell their content en-masse for an industry-regular, competitive price, or have it immortalized on our own blockchain as an NFT, for which the price can be as high, as one is willing to pay for it. Once Sekret Network switches to its own blockchain, with its own native currency, offering low-fee transactions, staking and knots, we aim to materialize our grand vision. Tokens for marketing will be unlocked sporadically, to fund marketing efforts — mass social media marketing campaign, influencer deals, listings on exchanges, listings on price aggregator sites (coinmarketcap.com, coingecko.com), partnerships, airdrops — all unlocks will be announced ahead. Tokens provided to PancakeSwap for initial liquidity, will be locked for 6 months after presale.

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Given Sekuritance’s portal opening just a few weeks ago with Ethereum compatibility, the best option was a layer-2 of ethereum, and the overall solution to the gas fee problem was for Sekuritance to bridge to the Polygon Blockchain. This would then open a world of opportunity for future development, and community growth. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. Sekret Network is, first and foremost, a community driven project that aims to empowers its users. That is why we’ve developed a unique, fee re-distribution mechanism, which takes 1% of each transaction on Sekret Network, and redistributes this amount to all holders of Sekret token. While 1% may not seem like a lot, it provides holders of Sekret token with a nice, and most importantly, sustainable source of passive income.

Just one week after the team’s exhibition at SiGMA & AIBC in Malta, the Sekuritance team began discussing with advisors and core team members on minting on the Polygon blockchain. With this new chain for the token, the team forecasts even further innovation for the platform, moreover than just providing accessibility for new individuals wanting to acquire the $SKRT token. A CeFi and DeFi RegTech partner ecosystem aiming in delivering compliance, regulatory, transaction monitoring and identity management. The top crypto exchanges that have Skara available for trading, ranked by 24h trading volume and the current price.