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Build an app with SwiftUI Part 1

This week we will discuss configuring the legend view using the new Swift Charts framework. The biggest difference is the mental thought process of how your user interface is built as well as the physical process of building it. In our subscriptions, we’re querying for ItemGroup and Item objects where the ownerId matches the logged-in user’s user.id. Together with the permissions we used when we created the Flexible Sync app above, this means that the user can only read and write their own data. Button, the app navigates to the ItemsView, where you see the synced list of items in a single itemGroup.

Learn about SwiftUI Views and modifiers, common SwiftUI controls, fundamental layout tools, navigation and data flow, and how to make the most of SwiftUI previews. Xcode provides the ability to preview the user interface you are building. This is possible by compiling and running the code you write and displaying it in a preview.

Saving Data in iOS

Arrange components within your user interface by simply dragging controls on the canvas. Click to open an inspector to select font, color, alignment, and other design options, and easily rearrange controls with your cursor. You can also drag controls from your library and drop them on the design canvas or directly on the code. SwiftUI helps you build great-looking apps across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift — and surprisingly little code. You can bring even better experiences to everyone, on any Apple device, using just one set of tools and APIs. A List with dynamic content lazily inserts only the child views that are currently visible. But once a child view’s lifetime has started, the list will keep its state alive even when it gets scrolled offscreen again.

  • SwiftUI is brand new, but it looks and feels familiar.
  • UIKit was a user interface framework that contained many out of the box UI elements and classes that developers used to build the UI for their app.
  • Together with the permissions we used when we created the Flexible Sync app above, this means that the user can only read and write their own data.
  • As you type, it automatically expands but limits its size to 5 lines.

Because most client work would like to support as much as users as possible, that means you have to work on an app that supports iOS N-1, N-2, or worse N-3. So the best case would be a year until you can get a hand on this lovely SwiftUI.


This time you’re going to learn it for real, and in just 100 days you’ll have built many full apps that you can be proud of. Previews can also display your UI in any device and any orientation. Since the full-screen cover style doesn’t allow a user to use gesture to dismiss the modal, you have to add a way to dismiss the presented view manually. In the following example, we add a button to dismiss the presented view by set isModal to false.

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Lufthansa Develops New iPad Application to Digitize Pre-Flight ….

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If the Realm app does not have a currently logged-in user, show the LoginView. You can change the app reference to nil to switch back to local-only (non-Device Sync) mode. At this point, you have everything you need to work with Realm Database and SwiftUI. Test it out and see if everything is working as expected. Read on to learn how to integrate this app with Device Sync.

Meng To’s top tips on how to build scalable and flexible UIs using SwiftUI

All courses come with downloadable files to help you design, code and follow the course offline. Passionate App developer with expertise on Swift and Flutter, Novice writer as you might already have found out.


Repository is an abstract gateway for swiftui tutorialsing / writing data. Provides access to a single data service, be that a web server or a local database. Side effects are triggered by the user’s actions or view lifecycle event onAppear and are forwarded to the Interactor.